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last man standing

The toughest acting challenge of the year

Receive a new script daily and get 24 hours to learn, film, and submit. Make it through November to enter the Sudden Death phase. Win great prizes including a 1-on-1 with a casting director


Monologue mondays

With a firm belief that the only way to stay sharp as an actor is to keep working, Andressa embarked on a personal mission. Determined to keep her skills honed even when not on set, she decided to flex those acting muscles by delving into some of her favourite monologues. These monologues come from a variety of sources, including iconic movies, classic plays, originally written pieces, and selections from monologue slams and competitions that have left a lasting impression on her.

 Stay tuned bi-weekly for a new video, as Andressa brings these diverse and captivating pieces to life with her own unique flair and interpretation!

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